smash the windows to the dead hearts

by Taking Sides

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released February 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Taking Sides Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Another Show
the darkened streets, echoing heartbeats
and the sound of out of order phone
in this night, i'll walk these streets alone
its the only certain thing i know.

and my contempt there's no one to show
lets fucking go

fuck... another dead end kid down on his luck
this... another fucked up plan im quick to dismiss
no... i dont have anywhere else to go
fuck... fuck it all, on with the show

and its time like this i wanna take a blade
leave unstitchable scars on this world's charade
smash the windows to the dead heats
and give them all a jump start

then squeeze them back to death again

i think of enemies, i think of friends
(they're in my head)
i look up at the skies, wonder where they end
reflecting on my past
i'm also looking ahead
(its fucking dead)
i think of the kids i knew who are now dead

there they lie
cold and dead
what was the final thought in their heads
Track Name: The Outcome
Here we go..
here we fucking go again
I'm gonna rate this a zero
out of a possible ten
so fucking sick of the outcome
it always ends up the same
so fucking sick of the outcome
and i have to refrain

from smashing this place to bits
and pulling splinters from my fist
i wanna scream in your face
and lay everything to waste


everyone i gave a fuck about
they just walked right out of my life
its not my imagination when it happens
time after time

along with my thoughts
is not a good place to be
this fucking frustration
is slowly killing me

i see it in the face of strangers
and when i look in the fucking mirror
cant let this get the best of me
its about time its gotta stop

back again to turn everything upside down
here we go again...
Track Name: Save your Prayers
I dont know what keep me going
When i know it's all gonna end
Then when youre gone our memory lingers
We're blown away like dust in the sand.

Is it that our lives are worthless?
Or is it that they're worth too much?
All i know is that when i die
I'll get there without a crutch.

save your prayers

I dont know what keeps you going?
'cause what i cant see i dont believe.
no logic behind your belief system,
blind faith isn't enough for me.
right or wrong i make my choices
dont care if you think its a waste of time.
right or wrong i make my choices
cos in the end my life is fucking mine

save your prayers
for someone that fucking cares

no repent on my dying breath
no nothing i wont fucking change
no repent on my dying breath
no nothing at the end of days
Track Name: Clock In//Clock Out
The system that has kept us in line
and has consumed all of our time
its the one thats kept our necks in the noose
and has us believing we have everything to lose
strip back, expose all the fucking lies

that without us, it's them who die

our lives have been spinning this way forever
take your life back
et the ties be severed

they tell us that we are living our own lives
embedded in our back are the fucking knives!

each word they speak
is another wound
they take to their share of blood
we'll be dead soon

we're kept neglecting our own wants and needs
keeping the power where they wants it to be

clock in//clock out
one more day they've taken from us
one more day we've given to them
Track Name: Cut to Ribbons
the faction of jealousy have spoken once again
and they're spitting poisoned words at anyone they can befriend
well here's news, there's a tidal wave heading for your shores
we're gonna flatten everything that stood in the way before
and if the initial impact doesn't take you down
we'll drag you back past the breakers and leave you there to drown

we'll leave you to the sharks
we'll leave you to the deep
we'll leave you all for fucking dead and lot lose a wink of sleep

leave you all for fucking dead!

the words you speak they mean nothing to us

you're better off sewing that mouth shut
you're dragged away by the undertow
and cut to ribbons by what lies below
Track Name: Backs to the Wall
drown in the blood of complacent whores
and surrounded by stand for nothing zombie hordes
so easy to push my way through the fucking herds
when their blood is water thin and utter empty words

outnumbered, the story of my fucking life
but what's the point of this if you dont have to fight?
your fucking knives they bounce off this heart
if has the strength and drive to tear you all apart

all your talk is as useless as the next phase of your life
you're a drop in the ocean on an endless stormy night

backs to the wall

through with your act, through with you
through with your lies

this is goodbye...

now fucking die